BodyLX360 Testimonials

The home workout system designed to transform your body safely and efficiently.

BodyLX360 is one tool that can be used in a thousand ways, offering 360 degrees of coverage and endless possibilities.

Each exercise is personally designed and instructed by Flavio to maximize results and sculpt your body with strength, symmetry, flexibility, balance and harmony.

BodyLX360 avoids all forms of compression on the spine, with attachments to the resistance bands being on the waist belt for such exercises as squats and lunges.

BodyLX360 serves as a portable Pilates device, to increase muscle strength and tone, target abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the core muscles of your body)

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5/5 Rating on Average

In addition to guided workouts, Flavio has designed a 7-Level Metabolic Diet to chisel and trim your body from undesired fat. The diet has been tested and proven to ensure real results in 12 weeks.


Tina lose 30 inches throughout her whole body!


From 22% to 15% Body Fat, Elizabeth gained lean muscle mass while losing fat!