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I was born with a hole in my heart aka a "Blue Baby" at the time most cases resulted in death. Instead of accepting the worst, my doctor had an idea to stimulate my body by making me cry. This was my first exercise. 

My heart and lungs needed exercise to develop and grow tissue to minimize the hole. Exercise became my only hope, and eventually became my sanctuary.

At the age of 5, I began Martial Arts classes. I was the smallest and most undeveloped child of all the students. After 5 years of training daily, I began growing and my muscle mass increased. My energy level elevated tremendously, and I felt more alive than ever. In each breath I took, I felt the oxygen giving new life to every cell in my body. I went on to study 5 different styles of Martial Arts, achieving black belts in all of them.

The miracle I experienced through exercise only increased my desire to learn more. I attended Medical school, and after a few years, my focus changed to Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and eventually Nutrition.

Today, with over 30 years of training clients ranging from high-profile celebrities, professional athletes and renowned medical professionals, I always take pride in making sure each person I’m training is protected from injury in all forms.

This inspired the idea to develop a complete workout system, without compression, to strengthen the entire body wherever, whenever. Creativity and innovation led to manifesting this vision, marking the beginning of BodyLX360.

The multi-vector training system allows you to work any angle of your body safely and efficiently.

My mission remains to provide others with the empowerment that exercise has given to me, achieving results that will make a difference in the lives of BodyLX360 followers.

Exercise is a science, and with the right routines, your body will be greatly rewarded.

Flavio DeOliveria

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Our mission

To provide others with the knowledge and empowerment that exercise has given to me, achieving results to live your strongest and healthiest life.